In the Bikepark Kids Advanced course at Bikepark Winterberg, the aim is to sharpen the basic knowledge and to go to the next level of riding technique. We go together to the basics of the chassis, feel our way to the king discipline Bunny Hop and learn various cornering techniques and the finer details of jumping.

In our bike park kids advanced course we look at the basics of your MTB chassis, feel our way to the supreme discipline BunnyHop, learn various cornering techniques and look at the finer details when jumping. Our trainers also help you to recognize and visualize error patterns via video analysis in order to be able to give the best possible assistance.
After we have gone through all the content at the individual practice locations, we will ski a few runs together to internalize what we have learned. Our trainers ride behind each participant and give you feedback on the trail!

If you do not have a suitable mountain bike for a visit to us in the Bikepark Winterberg, you can of course book and rent a bike and the appropriate protective equipment here with us in the rental in addition to the course.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Bikeschool Winterberg at one of our Bikepark kids advanced courses and to experience together 4h riding technique with fun and a lot of riding practice!

Services and details

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For children from 10 - 14 years
4 hours plus 30 minutes break
Maximum 7 people per course
Day ticket for the bike park included
eBikes approved
Trained riding technique instructors with years of mountain bike experience
Course content / explanations of the trainer in German
Including photo and video analysis in the course
All pictures and videos for download by mail
Rental mountain bikes and protective equipment bookable online
Fitness level 2 from 5
Driving technique level 2 from 5
  • The 1x1 of the mountain bike -deeper settings
  • Repetition of basic and active position
  • Repetition of manual impulse and introduction to the BunnyHop
  • Optimize braking technology
  • Driving curves in two different techniques
  • Advanced Jumping - Bigger Tables and Useful Jumps in the Trail
  • Master larger drops (up to 1m)
  • Line selection in tricky sections
  • Individual instructions (before & after riding with trainer)
  • Deepen learned contents on the routes

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Frequently asked questions

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- All course participants must have picked up their rental equipment at least 30 minutes before the start of the course and must be present at the bike school registration desk to sign the disclaimer.

- All course prices include a day ticket for the bike park. If necessary, protective equipment (full-face helmet, safety jacket and knee and shin guards) and also high-quality bikes of the brand PROPAIN can be rented to the course. The rental equipment can be reserved here with us in the rental! (IMPORTANT - indicate correct height and weight)
Costs for rental bikes and protective equipment can be found in our price list. The rental fee will be paid on the spot.
However, it is advisable to bring your own bike and protective equipment to the course!

If you have any further questions, you can find our contact options here!

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