In our Bikepark private courses in the Bikepark Winterberg it is primarily about knitting an individual course to your liking. From a private training without other participants, to a partner course with your best friend, to a group course with your buddies or a company event, we try to make everything possible for you.

In our Bikepark private courses we go absolutely to your wishes or weaknesses of the driving technique and devote ourselves exactly to the points without a predetermined course guide.
You tell us what you want to train or learn, how long you want to do the course and we adjust to it. From 2h single trainings to a driving technique weekend with your colleagues we try to offer you the whole package. With or without lunch break in the restaurant, incl. rental equipment for the newcomers or the overnight stay in Winterberg ... All this you give us in the case and we knit you an offer around it.

Should you or one of your friends not have a suitable mountain bike for the course with us in the Bikepark Winterberg, you can of course book and rent a bike and the appropriate protective equipment here with us in the rental in addition to the course.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Bikeschool Winterberg at one of our Bikepark private courses and to experience riding technique together with fun and lots of riding practice!

Services and details

Everything at a glance...

For whatever age group from approx. 7 years old
from 2 hours incl. break
Maximum 7 people per trainer
Day ticket for the bike park included
eBikes approved
Trained riding technique instructors with years of mountain bike experience
Explanations of the trainer, depending on trainer availability variable in
(German / English / Dutch)
Including photo and video analysis in the course
All pictures and videos for download by mail
Rental mountain bikes and protective equipment bookable online
From 199€ per person incl. day ticket
Fitness level 4 from 5
Driving technique level 4 from 5



    Price per course Price per person
    1 person - 2 hours 199,00 € 199,00 € incl. day ticket
    1 person - 3 hours 269,00 € 269,00 € incl. day ticket
    1 person - 4 hours 329,00 € 329,00 € incl. day ticket
    2 person - 4 hours 420,00 € 210,00 € incl. day ticket
    3 people - 4 hours 510,00 € 170,00 € incl. day ticket
    4 people - 5 hours 600,00 € 150,00 € incl. day ticket
    5 people - 5 hours 750,00 € 150,00 € incl. day ticket
    6 people - 5,5 hours 840,00 € 140,00 € incl. day ticket
    7 people - 5,5 hours 980,00 € 140,00 € incl. day ticket
    8 people - 6 hours 1040,00 € 130,00 € incl. day ticket

    For "2 hour crash courses" with more than one participant and group courses for more than 8 participants, we are happy to make an individual offer via the private course request form.

    The content of the Bikepark Private course can not be more individual. We determine the content according to your wishes.

    Frequently asked questions

    You still have questions? Here you get help...


    - All course participants must have picked up their rental equipment at least 30 minutes before the start of the course and must be present at the bike school registration desk to sign the disclaimer.

    - All course prices include a day ticket for the bike park. If necessary, protective equipment (full-face helmet, safety jacket and knee and shin guards) and also high-quality bikes of the brand PROPAIN can be rented to the course. The rental equipment can be reserved here with us in the rental! (IMPORTANT - indicate correct height and weight)
    Costs for rental bikes and protective equipment can be found in our price list. The rental fee will be paid on the spot.
    However, it is advisable to bring your own bike and protective equipment to the course!

    If you have any further questions, you can find our contact options here!

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