Cancellation policy

Cancellation: Withdrawal of the participant, rebooking, substitute person


The events are booked events with a fixed date & time. Participants may cancel the contract at any time, subject to the following conditions. The cancellation must be received by the organizer in writing (by e-mail). If a participant withdraws from the contract or does not participate in the booked event, the organizer may claim compensation for the event arrangements made and expenses incurred. The compensation claim is lump-sum, taking into account the usually saved expenses and possible other uses. Decisive for the amount of the cancellation fee is the receipt of the cancellation declaration by the organizer.

    • Conditions
      The amount of the cancellation fees is based on the date of receipt of the cancellation notification by mail by the organizer. If the booked service is not used without prior cancellation or other notification of the organizer, the fees are due in full.
    • Goodwill and cancellation fees
      As a gesture of goodwill, the organizer offers the participant a free rebooking up to 4 weeks before the booked event. For the rebooking a new, concretely selected date is to be communicated by mail. A claim to the selected alternative date exists only after written confirmation by the organizer.
    • From 4 weeks before the start of the booked event, a cancellation with costs is possible. The costs of a cancellation are divided as follows:From 4 weeks to 14 days before the event | 70% voucher or 50% money refund
      From 14 days before the event | 60% voucher or 25% refund
      From 7 days before the event | 45% voucher or 20% refund
      3 days or more before the event | 20% voucher or 10% refund
      From 24 hours before the event | 10% voucher - no refund
    • Rebooking fee
      In case of a rebooking / cancellation an additional handling fee of up to 25€ will be charged.
    • Substitute person
      If the cancelled participant's place is filled by another participant named by the participant up to 48 hours before the event, no cancellation costs will be incurred. If the participant's place is not filled, the amount of the replacement claim is staggered as under point 5.3.
    • Non-participation due to illness
      In case of non-participation due to illness, the normal cancellation conditions of the event apply. The organizer will only grant a cancellation free of charge if it is foreseeable that the participant will not be able to attend the event due to illness. In addition, the submission of a medical certificate by mail up to 48 hours before the start of the course by the participant must be guaranteed.

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